About The Designers

Would you like to know more about each designer and their inspiring story? At Inadesignerhome our goal is to bring together existing designers both Australian & International, who may be established while also exposing the not so well known industrial design companies to our customers so you can have the very best and latest design pieces in your home.


AN/AESTHETIC was founded in 2011 by Industrial Designer Ben Wahrlich and Graphic Designer Kiri Hughes,
with a dream to create intelligent, contemporary furniture and homewares.

The team is based in Sydney’s cultural and creative Inner West and are involved in every aspect of the
unique design, manufacturing, assembly and distribution process. With a strong focus on innovation and originality,
AN/AESTHETIC’s products are simple, smart and iconic, and complement all modern living and working environments.

Armadillo & Co

Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst founded Armadillo&Co when they discovered what they had in common was a search for the uncommon, the need for honest and earthy rugs in homes. No existing product matched their passion. So, they decided to make.

Jodie & Sally combined forces not only with each other, sharing 30 years’ experience in design and textiles, but with an extended family of artisans in India.

Every piece embraces Fair Trade practices, is crafted from sustainable natural fibres including pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp, and all purchases benefit local schools in our weavers’ villages.

Armadillo & Co. aim for their rugs to lie lightly on this earth.

Ash Allen

Ash Allen is based in Melbourne where he creates each of his pieces. With a background in engineering Ash’s main goal is to create a small footprint while leaving a big impact. Ash does this by using sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials.

Ash’s pieces are also designed with the ability to disassemble, this is in conjunction with Ash wanting to use design principles and elements for maximum effect.

Each piece is hand crafted locally while his design inspiration comes from natural phenomena.


Rina and Kelly have been working together since 2000. They have always been obsessed with decoration, the domestic interior and using materials in non-obvious ways. Being industrial designers the two are excited by the challenge of mass manufacture and the modern day factory.

This has translated into a range of modern lighting and furniture that combines “brutal technical precision and delicate sensuality rolled into one”. Their work has received several national awards, and been exhibited both locally and internationally, most recently in Zona Tortona at the Milan Furniture Fair, and at the Milan Triennale.

Since the two formed bernabeifreeman, they have always aimed to deliver a high design product, of the best possible quality for the domestic and commercial market. Sustainability and product life cycle has always been part of their design process, right from the concept stage.


Bloom is a Dutch company which takes everyday objects and designs them to with new . The first products were designed in 2001 by Rob Slewe and since then, the collection has expanded substantially. Bloom is has been used in exclusive resorts, retail interiors, restaurants, hotels, landscape designs, pool areas and designer homes across the world.

Caja Designs

Georgia finds her self incredibly enthusiastic about design, and prides herself in the many opportunities that have come her way. Constantly drawing from her experiences and inspirations, she continually pushes the boundaries looking for more areas where she can devote her passion. Georgia is now the director of G.A.B.B.E Interior design – G.A.B.B.E design is a multidisciplinary practice, which prides itself on a creative approach to unique design, ultimately giving attention to the specific client or brand needs and CAJA furniture which recently won The Melbourne Design Award for Furniture under the product category and was shortlisted for the Sydney Design Awards.

Chris Hardy

Chris leads a multi-tiered practice, specialising in product, furniture and lighting design. He also has extensive experience in design research and development, and providing expert design consulting services.

Chris’s influences can be easily read in his work. Here elements of modernism, sustainability, user experience, and an understanding for manufacturing requirements come into play. Underscoring his work are principles of usability, refinement and importantly the ability to delight.

Design By Them

DesignByThem brings together and represents the talent of Australian designers in a playful collection of fun and functional objects. DesignByThem was launched in 2006 by cofounders Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson with the mission of creating an Australian design brand.

The collection includes Nicholas and Sarah’s designs alongside the work of other great Australian designers including Tommy Cehak and Stefan Lie. The collection is continually expanding to include the work of other Australian designers, so please stay tuned.

Dinosaur Designs

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy met while studying painting and drawing at art school in Sydney, Australia and co-founded Dinosaur Designs with Liane Rossler in 1985.

Originally selling hand painted fabrics and jewellery, under the creative direction of Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, Dinosaur Designs now sells a large, constantly evolving range, Louise and Steve design each piece of Dinosaur Designs jewellery and homewares which is then hand sculpted in clay in our Sydney studio.

Emma Elizabeth

Living & breathing by her self-created ethos, “Design is nothing without style, & style is nothing without design”, Emma Elizabeth Coffey is a designer that is passionate about the fusion of art direction, design, styling and creative conceptualization, loving every aspect of her cross disciplinary approach.

Emma Elizabeth Designs takes pride in the exclusivity of their designs, in that they are a direct reflection of our own individual style and not the mere emulations of another.


Susanna Bilardo has been an interior designer for 18 years. She creates enjoyable spaces for living, working and playing. Her designs aim to move, excite and challenge end users through thoughtful, beautiful and functional spaces. Her strength is her ability to create holistic interior spaces that become one with the architectural envelope.

It is our practice to have an ongoing dialogue, internally and amongst ourselves to constantly question our concepts. We are qualified designers with the technical ability to deliver artwork and construction drawings for all projects to a high level of finish.


Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong. The philosophy behind the brand is to create designs that are carefully considered, elegant and timeless in their aesthetic.

Their style is influenced by American modernism, simplicity of Scandinavian and Japanese design and 17th Century architecture, describing their aesthetic as ‘old, but new’.


150 years of tradition in manufacturing cutlery recognizes Gense as one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cutlery. Gense was established in 1856 by Gustav Erikson and is today one of Scandinavia’s largest producers of stainless steel cutlery.

All over the world, the Gense brand is associated with high quality cutlery. The cutlery adds beauty to your everyday life, and is distinguished by innovative design. Form and function come together in Genses products.

The Gense trademark is founded on respect for traditions, and the rich complexity of craftsmanship.

Helen Kontouris

Helen lives & breathes a culture of dreams, process & creativity. Helen’s approach to each design is an opportunity to discover, learn, evolve, simplify, interpret, innovate and create.

Helen believer her role as designer is not to give you the safe or predictable result. She believes ecology in design today, rests on the role of the designer as cultural architect, creating products with clear purpose, intelligent material appropriateness & function that arrest you with their beauty & promote a movement ‘against throwawayism’ – meaning you are emotionally attached enough not to discard it.


ILAN EL is the creative engine behind ilanel design studio. After practicing as an architect overseas, he graduated from RMIT’s Industrial Design Masters program and submersed himself in Australia’s culture.

Experiential illumination is his passion and he designs with philosophical awareness and the enjoyment of the spatial relationships light creates with environments. Many of his designs are interactive, contemporary and playful, making them whimsical and engaging. His unique understanding of people and spaces, as well as his ability to work with a vast variety of materials, makes him shine with bespoke briefs.

Ilan specialises in the design and production of bespoke lighting and offer a collection of highly distinct designs to illuminate a wide variety of spaces from hotels, restaurants and clubs, to communal office spaces and homes.

Johanson Design

A conscious and consistent focus on modern, timeless design with clean, Scandinavian lines has made Johanson Design a strong global brand. Working with some of the most highly skilled designers in Sweden and Europe, Johanson Design has created a wide, stylish furniture collection that has focused the attention of architects and interior designers across the world on Markaryd in Småland, southern Sweden, where Johanson Design has been based since the company began back in 1953.

No furniture leaves the premises until the staff, with years of sound furniture expertise under their belt, have checked that the quality is absolutely world class.

Keith Melbourne

Since changing career direction in 2004 Keith has exhibited extensively and received a number of design awards. Believing strongly in the importance of the relationship between designer and manufacturer. He enjoys close collaboration with manufacturing companies, and their skilled workers, in order to develop his designs and bring them to the market.

His acclaimed work is clearly influenced by his diverse experiences, and seems to sit in a realm where engineering precision meets artistic creativity.

Kip & Co.

Kip & Co launched in 2012 as the little dream of Melbourne girls, Kate, Hayley and Alex to create bright, beautiful, delicious bedding. Kip & Co bedding is designed in Melbourne and made in India, inspired by unique, wild and brave art and nature, soaked up on backpacking adventures around the globe and flea markets down the road.

Melbourne’s boutique bedding company, Kip & Co, has launched ‘Dappled Dreams’, SS13, adding towels and rugs to complement its range of bed linen for adults and kids.

Kip’s latest offering is a celebration of summers gone and the possibilities of summers to come – dappled light and warm nights, radio crackling, beach swims, salty skin, friendships made, gold and braid.

Lab De Stu

The multi award-winning Melbourne design collective LAB DE STU was first created in 2011 by designers Adam Lynch, André Hnatojko, Dale Hardiman & Nico Evans. Although first a design studio, it quickly morphed into the design collective it is know as today, expanding and investing into the Australian and international design industries via exhibiting, exhibition design and creative consulting all while producing experiments and products as a part of our individual and accumulated knowledge.

André Hnatojko has received world recognition for his first commercial release, the POPPER light, due to its exploration into form and weight but also for the simple sustainable elements & efficiency placed into POPPER and its production. André blames his early love of LEGO for his clean/experimental aesthetics and human interaction to produce humorous & honest design relevant to the future. Andre is currently experimenting with the bonding morphs between two unlikely materials and technology efficiency via pushing lighting technology to its very limits to produce efficiency with new installations and products being released mid year as a result.

Adam Lynch, an industrial designer, explores the possibilities of creating 3-dimensional products through the manipulation of 2-dimensional materials. Lynch’s work emphasises the use of modern technologies to achieve his products. Lynch’s design philosophy: simplifying my furniture to the bare essentials without compromising on its aesthetic values, while minimising materials and processes used to ensure that a sustainable outcome is achieved.


Luxxbox was founded in 2006 as a vehicle for Industrial Designer Jason Bird to design and manufacture his own collection of diverse commercial and domestic products. With a long and varied career already under his belt, including accolades and exhibitions reaching from New York to Tokyo and Australia, Jason’s savvy is channeled into Luxxbox’s unique aesthetic version of urban design.

Luxxbox’s designs are a visual display of strength in form, with decorative illumination and lifestyle/furniture products that explore negative space, with industrial finishes his class of choice. The use of unconventional materials, colours and local production techniques pushes boundaries to make a statement in style.

Luxxbox is committed to supporting local manufacturers and in doing so is continually evolving its design and production techniques. As a result, Luxxbox products embody a uniquely international influence which is being appreciated across the globe for its refreshing take on modern, cutting edge design.


We are striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, our name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.

To us good design starts with the person. We handpick the brightest design talent in Scandinavia and give them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects. Some want to alter the world, others find passion in colour and shape or draw deeply from personal experience. How do they see a chair, vase, lamp or any other everyday product?

You will know our design because it has muutos. Objects made sublime through new perspectives, enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

Norman & Quaine

Interior designer Katherine Norman and industrial designer Caroline Quaine collaborated to form Norman and Quaine in 1989 designing a range of locally produced furniture and lighting for the Australian market.

Working from their Clovelly studio, the duo create a stunning range of products with clean lines and strong emphasis on Australian Design & Made quality.


Staffan Svensson, Founder, NUD Collection quotes -”Their importance lies in the details which separates great from good design”, according to the architect and designer Mies van der Rohe. NUD Collection was created out of this spirit where plain becomes beautiful. Change a room with an unexpected combination. Match, create contrasts, but more importantly experiment.

Nud Designers Include Teija Bruhn who is a textile designer and owner of a company Borås design. She is working world wide with different design projects. Born at the Arctic Circle in Finland have shaped the character of the designs. Nature is constant source of inspiration. Also Catherine who is a true ambassador for glamour, often working with precious metals and dramatic expressions in the products she designs.

Robert Plumb

William Dangar is one of Australia’s leading landscape and exterior designers whose industry experience spans 20 years. William is a qualified horticulturist and is a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

Dangar was the garden and exterior design editor for Belle Magazine under the guidance of editor Eric Matthews from 2002 until 2007. Robert Plumb was conceived by Dangar during this period of stewardship from Matthews.

Dangar is best known for his range of premium grade stainless steel letterboxes named “The Kelly Gang”, due to their distinct similarity between Ned Kelly’s helmet and some of the products. Since 2008 the range has developed to include hand crafted Australian made timber furniture and a series of other chairs and accessories made both locally and overseas. In 2010 the Robert Plumb brand was extended to include Stay Bondi by Robert Plumb which involved the development of two impeccably designed, and furnished Bondi houses built by the talented team from Robert Plumb.

Rouse Phillips



Savage Designs

Founded by Joel Savage and James Groom in 2011, Savage Design is an Australian furniture and homewares design company that gets its inspiration from architectural and industrial elements found around the world. Embodying an honest and friendly team approach, the company is built on four integral components: Quality, originality, creativity and passion with a strong emphasis on local manufacturing.


Sixhands is an Australian textile house renowned for original & vibrant prints. Highly esteemed by the design industry since its foundation in ‘06, Sixhands trademark creative expression and avant-garde methodology gives their artworks a unique quality, coveted internationally by designers & individuals alike.

The company was first established as an innovative design studio creating exclusive artwork for the fashion industry. After following their fashion roots for a few years & working with an extensive portfolio of designers, they launched the parallel odyssey, Sixhands Collection. This bridge to Interior textiles was a truly natural progression into high quality, locally made, décor and lifestyle products for the home. The Sixhands Collection includes Wallpapers, Fabrics, Rugs, Cushions, Lampshades & accessories.

Sixhands, celebrated as an interior label that reflects its haute couture roots, has evidently transitioned from the well-guarded secret of the fashion underground it was to the sought after interior textile brand it is today.

Steph & Gaia

Stephanie Margaritidis has qualifications in Fine Arts from The Sydney Institute of Design. Having won the award for her year in 2002, she founded her design studio and has continued working with clients on design projects since then. In 2009 Steph & Gaia began, Stephanie designs products of unique beauty that are made locally in Sydney, Australia using natural fibres.

The emphasis is on the bespoke not the mass produced allowing for personal and sensitive approach to manufacture. Fabrics are recycled along with linens, lace and natural cottons – a cornerstone of the steph & gaia philosophy. For Stephanie it’s all about creating a story.


Kristian Aus is the Sydney based Principal designer of UNDER Interior Products and the design consultancy AUTUMN.

Generally speaking the designs that Kristian produces have to be unique in some way. This can be in terms of their function or their appearance. Tactility and a sense of fun are high on the list of features that must be in all of the work. All of the products are friendly, approachable and curious in terms of their style, texture and materials.

Influences include science fiction, illustration and industrial technology.

Yellow Diva

The design studio was born in London, the collaboration between David Walley, a young Australian industrial designer and James Davis, a British architecture student.

Yellow Diva stands out from the crowd. Our independant approach ensures each product is original and unique. Belief in designing from first principles, inspired by a passionate reaction to the dynamic world around us, has given rise to a collection that continues to expand and evolve without losing coherence.

With a proud reputation for innovation and quality, founded on trusted relationships with skilled craftsmen and manufacturers, Yellow Diva is committed to a culture of collaboration, local production and environmental best practice.